Veer Service Solution (VSS) understand how important it is to look after people, that why we put our expertise and effort into each Industry we work in and provide a healthier place for your team and clients. We create a tailor-made routine to suites your business needs to make sure it has the best possible cleanliness to represent your brand. Leave your cleaning and maintenance worries to us with peace of mind, knowing you paying only for what's important to you.


We believe the office is our second home and the reason for livelihood. We treat the same way, making sure it's clean and hygienic for your team and clients. Making them feel comfortable, which helps increase time in attendance and productivity. At the end of the day, it's a true representation of your brand.

A clean office is a productive and healthy office. It’s the reason we go over and above any other office cleaning service. For us our office cleaning services are more than mopping floors and removing rubbish. Veer Service Solution (VSS) cater to all scheduling and body corporate requirements. We are happy to work around the time constraints of your business to ensure minimal impact to daily operations.


We understand how important and pristine your brand name is. We know how to live up to that and making sure your tannates and their guests feels at home, We will make sure to deliver the cleanliness your property deserves.

Our commercial cleaning services and office cleaning services do more than taking rubbish out and mopping bathroom floors.


It is the most important time of our life, which will be rooted in our lifelong journey and teach us values and ways of life and we are committed to doing our bits to contribute to that journey by providing them clean and hygiene premises.


We understand you have taken a lot of care and pay attention to detail to represent your brand. We will make sure we match the same attention to detail when it comes to the cleanliness of your premises and leaves a long-lasting impression on your customers.

Here at Veer Service Solution (VSS), we have a deep knowledge and understanding of the unique needs of the retail cleaning sector and the commercial cleaning needs of shopping centres. Having many years of industry experience in cleaning services both shopping centres and retail businesses, our cleaning service systems are tailed to meet the needs of your business and the requirements of any present centre management.


We strongly believe it is the most important place for community health & wellbeing in the most critical of the time. We know how to take care of cleaning and infection control of your premises, so our real heroes can perform their duty and help us to get back on our feet.

Veer Service Solution (VSS) understand that all Hospitals and Medical Centres have to maintain a stringent health and maintenance standard check at all times. While your medical facilities provide urgent essential care for sick and injured patients, this can become a breeding ground for many disease carrying bacteria and other health threats. If you don’t have the proper cleaning service contactors focusing on these concerns, you can be causing further harm to your patients or work colleges without knowing. Our experienced, licensed, hospital cleaners can provide you all the vital cleaning services needed to ensure that hygienic, sterile conditions for all patients, staff, and visitors are maintained at all times.


We know you are busy serving your client, Let us take care of the cleaning side of your business so your team can focus more to serve your client and represent your brand name.


We know, it is a gateway for your guests to good times and you make sure to provide the best time and life long memories, Let us assist you to Achieve by taking care of your cleaning worry away so you can focus more on creating memories for your guests.
Veer Service Solution (VSS) is a multi-service provider dealing with cleaning services, integrated property maintenance, grounds & garden maintenance, washroom services and security services. Veer Service Solution (VSS) believe in providing reliable services in affordable cost, and prompt services across various industries, with satisfaction guaranteed.

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